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Coming out of Athens, Georgia, Heart of Pine is the new embodiment of Americana. With deep roots in soul, blues, southern and psychedelic rock, Heart of Pine is a band that pulls you in with their unique take on familiar sounds. Delivering some of the most lyrically rich and rhythmically infectious songs, their debut album Highly Flammable is a great introduction to Heart of Pine. This four man band consists of Burton Hood on bass; Curt Spell on drums; Travis Richardson on rhythm guitar; and Steven Bagwell as vocals/lead guitar.  

These guys have a love for music and chemistry that makes each performance riveting and demands your attention. This chemistry and love of music is most apparent in their live shows. If you haven’t seen a live performance yet, then you are missing out.  Their storytelling and dynamic impromptu rifts will have you tapping your foot and swaying back and forth, all while pulling you in to whatever story is being told. They continue to turn heads and captivate audiences by touring around the southeast.    

-N. Cochran


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